About openM

About openM

openM was founded in 2007 in Daejeon, Korea. The name of the company openM, implies we keep an open mind to new concepts and technologies. It is also connected to OPENCAST's open structure and our logo.

openM developed mass-customization technology independently after 10 years of R&D. It is an innovative customizng technology that combines net structure and polymer composite material. It is the world's first technology, and 50 global patents have been applied for.

openM first applied its customizing technology to medical fixation field where customer's needs were most dire, and created the orthopaedic cast : OPENCAST. It can be easily customized to patients' different shapes and improve quality of life during treatment period.
openM is the global sole supplier of thermoplastic customizable cast(OPENCAST).

Mass customiztaion is a new form of production technology that combines the benefits of mass production and the need for customization. openM plans to expand its range of product into other fields like sports, leisure and industrial goods to realize mass-customization technoloy's full potential.



Bringing customization back into our lives.

Since the Industrial Revolution with its mass production, customiztaion technology was ousted from our daily lives except for crafted goods or some medical products.

openM endeavors to put customization with all its benefits, back into our daily lives.

Every individual is different and openM will maximize value to everyone through providing customized solutions.


Become a leading company in customization

Become a leading company in medical field, providing unique patient benefits.
Expand into various fields where mass-customization solution can create value.

Core Values

  • Uniqueness
  • Innovation
  • Frontier Spirit
  • Collaboration
openM inc.
Jongchil Park
Daejeon, Republic of Korea