OPENCAST Short Leg is used on ankle, foot and toe injuries. Its unique sole structure offers more strength and comfort.

Superb fixation and skin-friendly material Quick and easy fitting High quality of life throughout treatment period


Showers with cast on

OPENCAST allows daily washing and showers with cast on. Water can be easily dried off with a towel and a hair dryer.

Odor and Itch free

Perspiration is quickly evaporated to prevent itchiness and unwanted odor.

Skin Monitoring

Doctors and patients can visually check the condition of the skin through windows while wearing the cast.

Easy application

OPENCAST can be readily applied at clinics or hospitals by medical professional.

Easy removal

OPENCAST can be easily and safely removed without using electric saws.

Comfortable and Hygienic

OPENCAST is comfortable and hygienic.

OPENCAST SL will be launched in 2024 1Q


Spec Size (WxL, ㎜) Recommended
SL-S - Child/adolescent
SL-M 250 x 540 Adult female
SL-L - Adult male