General Precautions

OPENCAST is a medical device and must be handled by medical professionals.

OPENCAST must be stored at temperatures below 45℃ for the purpose of preventing unwanted shape modification.

It is forbidden to use OPENCAST for purposes other than as an orthopedic cast.

Patients with extra sensitive skin must consult with a doctor before use.

Consult a doctor immediately should any problems arise during use.

Precautions when applying

Choose the appropriate size of OPENCAST sheets for the patient’s limb.

Make sure OPENCAST does not pressure the injury. OPENCAST should not be in pressured contact with the patient’s skin.

OPENCAST shrinks a little as it cools down and hardens. Take this into account when applying OPENCAST and form the cast a little larger than the desired shape.

Apply the stockinet before applying OPENCAST. Fold the stockinet into adequate width and thickness to secure a desirable amount of space between the cast and the skin.

Use extra inner padding where the bone comes in contact with OPENCAST for cushioning. (i.e. elbow, ankle, etc.)

Do not let any pressure be applied to OPENCAST until OPENCAST cools down and takes final shape.

Do not use excessive force(i.e. stretching, pulling, etc.) when shaping OPENCAST. Excessive force may cause OPENCAST to break.

Do not use excessive force when finalizing the shape of OPENCAST using the stretch wrap.

Do not use OPENCAST if dark-coloured inner plastic seeps out.

Make sure finished OPENCAST or clamps do not have any sharp edges or cause irritation.

Be careful of burns when using the oven or the water bath to heat up OPENCAST.

Precautions when using

Do not expose OPENCAST to temperatures higher than 45℃.

Do not use the sauna while wearing OPENCAST.

Do not step too hard on the heel when wearing OPENCAST. Excessive force may cause OPENCAST to break.

Removal of OPENCAST must be determined by a doctor.

Consult with a doctor immediately if OPENCAST adds pressure on the skin.